Children and adults

FAVI organizes these activities for children and adults when there is sufficient interest.

Cooking class

Cooking is an activity that many of us do daily, without even thinking about it. FAVI however is aware of how difficult it can be for someone who is visually impaired to cook. This is why FAVI offers cooking classes to their clients with the objective to: reteach the ability of cookin independently, to teach the client to safely use cooking utensils and to teach the client who has never cooked before, even with vision to cook and of course also for the client to learn easy food recipies. The complete course consists of 10 classes and is given in small groups of about 6 clients for more information please call the FAVI center.


Handicraft group (FAVIdo)

FAVIdo is the weekly handicraft activity held every thursdaymornings at the FAVI center. Besides the regular handicraft, carpentry, domino, dance and outings, there are also activities organised to challenge the mind, such as quizes and presenations. FAVIdo is coordinated by the activities coordinator together with a group of volunteers. The objective of FAVIdo is to take the client out of isolation, that he/she has social contact and that he/she can enjoy life.


Since January 2007 the FAVIclients are offered the possibility to participate in a conversational group. The conversational group offers clients the possibility to talk about their experiences and feelings that arise due to their visual impairment, the possibility to interact with each other about their personal situation, the possibility to learn from each other and also how to best go about with a visual impairment. With this conversational group FAVI holds in view the following goals: 

  • to contribute in helping the visually impaired deal with the visual impairment
  • to better the quality of life of the visually impaired
  • to help the visually impaired to recognize and acknowledge his/her own feelings and that of their peers
  • to create friendship amongst each other

Gymnastic class

Gym classes take place every Tuesdays. Exercises are given by volunteer teachers. The goal of these classes are to stimulate the clients to incorporate physical movement in their daily routine, this not only keeps you in a healthy conditions but also helps with the orienatation and mobility. Classes are devided in different exerises, relaxation techniques and/or the use of our fitnessroom.

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