Everyone with a visual impairment can register at the FAVI. You can register yourself or you can be registered by a third person for instance by an eye specialist, familymember or another organisation. After registration a visit at home by a FAVI worker is followed, where the intake will take place. together will evaluate what the persons needs are and how FAVI can be of assistance in this.

If you have more questions please call the FAVI at 5825222 or 5825051 for more information.

Visual impairment

According to the Central Bureau of statistics Aruba counts 3105 persons with a visual impairment. We speak of a visual impairment when due to a eye disease or because of a trauma you have sustained damage to one or more parts of the eye.(see image) When glasses of medical intervention don't help anymore and you continue experiencing extreme problems with your vision, then we talk about a visual impairement.

The amount of visually impaired persons has risen in the last 10 years not only in Aruba but around the world.


In the year 1974 a group of enthusiastic people, stimulated by the Netherlands, founded the “Stichting Blindenzorg Aruba” foundation. In 1975 the name was changed to the papiamento name “Fundacion Arubano die esnan Visualmente Incapacita”, abreviated as FAVI, easily recognizable in the community.The name FAVI nowadays is directly linked to the visually impaired.



FAVI helps and guides the visually impaired and the blind, with the purpose to contribute to their happiness and where desired and possible to their personal development and integration. With happiness we mean; that they are taken out of isolation; that they can enjoy their lives; that they have social interaction; that life is worth living.


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