The services of FAVI

  1. Registration and intake
    You can register in person or this can occur via a relative or another person. This can be done by telephone or at the FAVIcenter. During registration, all personal information is taken and an appointment is made for an intake at home.

  2. Research and advice
    Thereafter, you are invited to the FAVIcenter, where upon a vision test is performed to get a complete picture of what you can see and what the problems are that you are experiencing in your daily life. The data from this test together with the eye exam of the ophthalmologist formulates the basis for the advice and guidance of FAVI.

  3. Rehabilitation
    Basic rehabilitation; aimed at independent living;
    • Learning general daily vital activities such as; making up the bed, managing the household, learning to cook, learning to use different appliances etc.
    • Practical tips
    • Orientation and mobility (learning to walk with the white cane)
    • learning Braille
    Employment rehabilitation: learning skills that focuses on finding work or keeping work; such as, typing lessons, computer lessons and other specific adaptations.

  4. Social guidance
    Social counseling (individual or family oriented): This is the practical help and guidance wherever you encounter or experience problems.
    Emotional support: this is an individual coaching.
    You can experience different emotions for example, shock, sorrow, anger, etc. FAVI provides guidance and support in this area.

  5. Guidance for infant, child and youth
    FAVI provides assistance and guidance to the infant, child and youth from 0-19 years. This guidance is divided into: early intervention, where children up to 6 years receive visual stimulation and training and educational assistance in the primary, secondary and special education. Parents, teachers and educators are closely involved. Additionally, FAVI provides advice and guidance in the treatment of amblyopic (lazy) eye under prescription of the ophthalmologist.

  6. Group activities
    FAVI organizes various group activities to support rehabilitation and to promote social interaction; among others, FAVIdo (handicraft Society), cooking classes, physical education classes, support group etc.

  7. Help for necessary transport
    If necessary, FAVI provides transportation to activities provided by the FAVI and for other urgent matters.

  8. Modifying materials
    Reading materials are adapted to the desired reading format, e.g. enlarged, on cassette, CD or in Braille. FAVI has a small collection of books on CD (daisy format) which are loaned out to clients.

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