Audio books

FAVI offers audio books in Papiamento, English and Dutch to the visually impaired. FAVI has a small coleccion of books that can be borrowed.

Guidance in case of Amblyopia (lazy eye)

Cross-eyed children may develop a lazy eye. The vision of a lazy eye is poor and can only be succesfully treated while the children are still very young. This is the primary reason why it is so important to detect and treat cross eye at an early stage. In such cases FAVI offers advice and guidance at home, at school or at FAVI, conform the treatmentplan of the Eye specialist or orthoptist This service is given since 1988.


Dyslexia means: not having the ability to read. The term comes from the Latin language, where dys → not able to function, lexis → language or words. Through aids and tools children can function in the classroom without having to stay behind unnessecarily. With a dyslexia report, children can receive advise and help with the lending of audio books en aparatus. (These children are not visually impaired.)

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